Why charm and good looks isn’t enough to help you standout; With Richard Blank

Richard Blank, the guest on today’s Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast, offers his advice on how to create a profitable call center and maximise client engagement. At the age of 27, Richard departed Philadelphia for Costa Rica and established a fantastic call center with 115+ positions. He discusses the challenges that foreign startups experience as well as how companies can gain recognition abroad.

He emphasises the value of communication and how learning a new language and culture can help businesses adapt and thrive. Despite their unfavorable reputation in popular culture, he also discusses the advantages of contact centers.

A call center can be the success center of a business with the right technological advantages and framework. In order to keep clients and settle disputes, Richard emphasises the value of keeping interpersonal communication while sharing his teaching techniques for better communication.

On this Unnoticed Entrepreneur episode, learn more about the value of communication and how to maximise engagement for company success with hosts Jim James and Richard Blank.

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