Why crowdsourcing is the best source of ideas when planning for a change; With Albana Vrioni

Change, as they say, is the only inevitable thing in this world. So it’s best to plan for those changes to adapt to new trends to help make your business more efficient. In this episode, Albana Vrioni shares how you could best plan for the changes you need to adapt to your business, and how crowdsourcing can give you the best diverse and innovative ideas for this change to #getnoticed.

Albana also shares how, what tools you can use, and who are the best people to effectively crowdsource, how you can keep your participants engaged, and why is the best way to gather ideas when planning for a change. She also shares how crowdsourcing leadership is different from the traditional entrepreneur-customer relationship, and how is it better.

You can watch Albana’s TEDx talk here, where she shares about crowdsourcing and having your own brand.

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