Why Gen Z is rocking the world of work

Why Gen Z is rocking the world of work

The world of work is evolving fast. We’ve whooshed through the transition from office-based work to work-from-home setups, and from regular time-ins and time-outs to flexible working schedules.

We’ve adapted well, but a new generation of workers appear to have a rather different opinion about the working life than their forebears …


Undeniably, many people – especially in the maturer cohorts – are more familiar with the regular 9 am to 5 pm work routine. This schedule is typical among many white-collar employees. While there is nothing wrong with this rigid working schedule, many Gen Zs and younger Millennials opt for jobs that allow them to take control of their work hours. It provides them the freedom that they need to be productive and efficient. Some scientific research proves that people don’t have the same rhythms for being productive, so giving people a flexible working schedule is an opportunity to let them work at a time when their minds are most active. 


A flexible working schedule also allows employees to work where they find more conducive to productivity, such as their homes and off-site locations. It means that most Gen Zs and younger millennials don’t take pleasure in being micromanaged. They want to work in a company that gives them more freedom to decide and come up with solutions and not in a company with managers lurking with clipboards, checking up on them all the time. 


Not all Gen Zs and millennials want to have flexible working schedules or work outside HQ. However, those younger employees sticking to age-old schedules are pickier than their older peers regarding corporate culture. 20-somethings prefer to be in a company that values employees’ well-being, is inclusive and welcomes diversity. Gen Zs also value working smart, giving priority to their mental health and personal space. 


Due to the cost of living and inflation rate, Gen Zs and millennials are keen on finding a stable job that will provide them with the means to survive and thrive. Employers will have discovered this generation may more robustly negotiate their salary and benefits package before accepting a job offer. 

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