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Working on your business is no longer an option. What global problem would you most like to throw yourself at trying to solve and why? by Dark Joseph Ravine

If I had to choose a global problem I would most like to throw myself at trying to solve, I would say helping others achieve financial stability would be something I aspire to. This is because over the years taxes and prices have gone way up around the world and this has become a major struggle for many individuals. I feel that when taxes increase, it is important to have more money saved up. I believe there is always room to see how much money is available and how to spend within our means. It is necessary for our country to have compassion for others who are struggling and help wherever they can. Some people only care about engaging in conspicuous consumption which results in financial struggles. I would want to change this so that everyone around the world could survive and sustain themselves financially.

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Social media influencer and founder of Kindness for Success. Mission to promote positivity and kindness worldwide.

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