You can outsmart 40,000 marketing agencies by following this social impact entrepreneur.

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Eric Ressler, founder and CEO of Cosmic, a social impact creative agency, discussed about cause-based marketing, entrepreneurship, and the challenges that social impact businesses face. Eric also shares two inspiring case studies of successful social impact businesses and talks about the technology they use to amplify their messaging.

He explained that his clients include nonprofit organisations, social enterprises, foundations, and sometimes even government organisations that all exist to create a positive impact on humanity and discussed the challenges that social impact organisations face such as funding, lack of internal capacity and expertise, and the need to build a strong brand and have an understanding of the potential of marketing. In terms of technology, Ressler mentioned that they use internal project management tools like Asana, and integrated CRM or marketing automation platforms like HubSpot to help their clients amplify their messaging. He also discussed case studies of organizations they’ve worked with, such as STEM from Dance and Let’s Green California.

Finally, Eric explains the importance of creating a visual identity that resonates with the audience and focusing on producing valuable content to make a name for yourself in the social impact space.

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