You're the boss. How much should you wfh?

You’re the boss. How much should you wfh?

Working from home has been a routine for many. The pandemic has seen it mandated for many, even managers and CEOs have had to stay away from HQ. 

The technology we all now have has also removed the compulsion to commute in every day. But, as convenient as working from home may be, would you adopt this way of conducting business as your permanent working style after the pandemic ends?

We discuss the pros and cons of working from home as a boss and how to cope with it.

Home working can be exciting and empowering. In order to identify if it’s for you and yours, it’s vital to recognise the benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Less expenditures
  • Better work-life balance
  • Customisable environment

… and the curses:

  • Inability to effectively delegate tasks
  • Easy to be distracted
  • Lack of motivation
  • Inability to monitor employee’s performance
  • Potential for some not to meet deadlines
  • Possibility of technical difficulties – no in-house IT
  • Lack of non-essential equipment and services – scanners, post rooms, shredders

As a professional in charge of a company or department, it is important to ensure your company is running well to meet initial goals despite being all digital. It is also important to consider that you are human too, and take healthy steps when it comes to working from home.


  • Work regular hours

Although you may be tempted to work odd hours, that is the last thing you should do right now considering the stress the pandemic has instilled in us all. Stick to normal working hours in order to have enough time for rest.

  • Create a healthy morning routine

Whether you choose to go for a walk or step out onto your balcony, it is vital to start your day in a healthy way. If this includes steering clear of your phone for the first two hours after waking up then so be it. You deserve to start off your busy day with a clear mind.

  • Set work environment rules 

If you have kids or noisy neighbours, it is vital to ensure you get all the privacy and silence you need when you get down to work. If this means shutting your windows and having the air conditioner or the headphones on for as long as you work, go ahead and do it.

  • Take up training and learning opportunities

There are many online courses and seminars that you can benefit from. Make the most out of your extra time and money saved from staying indoors to develop your knowledge and skills to better implement your managerial duties.

  • Over-communicate

Considering that you won’t be able to walk over to your employees’ desks and delegate a task or correct a mistake, it is important to create groups or chatrooms to ensure there is proper and regular communication between you and your employees to minimise errors and the stresses of working from long distances.

  • Maintain a healthy mind by thinking positive

With the stresses of daily life, it is important for you as a boss handling a company to maintain a positive mind because your employees are depending on you..

Some bosses work three hours a day, while some work 14. A piece of advice; practice healthy work habits to maintain your sanity. The least you could do is encourage yourself that this is how professional life may proceed, maybe for the next decade, and then adapt to it.

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