Jim James

Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur.

Find out how this app can turn your employees into the biggest ambassadors for your company.

To empower your entire organization to post to the social media accounts of the business is to lighten the load of the marketing manager, or entrepreneur, and also generate massive engagement within the team; plus more interesting content!We discuss how employee advocacy can turn  employees into the biggest ambassadors and …

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INEOS Outlines Its Plans For Selling And Servicing The Grenadier Worldwide

In a recent media briefing to Singapore and Taiwan media, INEOS Automotive is striking agreements with retail and aftersales partners around the world to establish up to 200 sales and service points for the July 2022 launch of the Grenadier 4X4.  The comprehensive service network means most customers will never be further …

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Soundbites: Why your company maybe guilty of lying, and how to fix it.

My guest accuses marketing people of being liars, but of course unintentionally. It’s because there is one fundamental problem with the way organisations work; people don’t communicate meaningfully. In 20 delightful minutes, we talk about how to fix the human communication problem: by figuring out what truly connects us, rather …

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