Jim James

Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur.

The Secret Sauce to Creating Content that Sizzles

Struggling to create compelling content? Wendy Lieber, CEO and Co-founder of ContentBacon, shares how to tap into your passion to craft engaging stories that build lasting connections. Wendy emphasises going beyond surface-level messaging to uncover deeper insights. By taking a stance, showing vulnerability and evolving your narrative, you create content …

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Stuck At $500K Revenue? This Unusual Rebranding Can Save Your Company

Feel stuck running “same old” operations and crave fresh purpose? Zach Colman, CEO and founder of Creatitive, empathises; his sports marketing firm withered until he reconnected to his “why” and current community needs. Learn Zach’s process helping entrepreneurs “pivot” branding by focusing inward before outward. Hear how confidence builds once …

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Think You and Your Business Can’t Move Countries? This Guy Did It Mid-Pandemic!

Crave an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial resilience? Keen to expand globally but dread disrupting your business? Best-selling author and Founder of Brueckmann Executive Consulting, Alex Brueckmann shares his against-all-odds journey migrating from Germany to Canada amid the 2020 COVID shutdown. Alex recounts uprooting his young family practically overnight when borders …

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How targeting these pilots made block chain powered flight simulator take off.

Think niche businesses have limited potential? Roberto Capodieci, CTO of SimFly.io, may change your mind. He helped launch a virtual airline that lets flight simulator enthusiasts live out pilot dreams. Powered by blockchain and NFTs, it turned profitable immediately. Hear why targeting a global “community of interest” can eclipse local …

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Want a Board Seat? Forget Applications – Here’s to Create Your Own Instead

Ever wonder how to snag an advisory role to guide a company’s strategy? Serial founder and founder of Veblen Director Programme, Callum Laing  says stop asking and start offering. Callum shares how to leverage existing connections and credibility to assemble your own informal board. Learn the five components that position …

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