I'm deleting my social media accounts.

I’m deleting my social media accounts.

It was 2009, my businesses were collapsing around me and quite frankly I didn’t want to present a cheery face to the world.  Facebook, delete.  Twitter, delete.  The 1,000+ followers and all my riveting thoughts consigned to the social media rubbish bin.

Within a year I had accounts back up but this time they were company accounts and I was more than happy to be the faceless exec behind them.

But then I agreed to launch Key Person of Influence into Asia.  Funnily enough it’s a bit tricky to be a credible leader in such an organisation if you’re not prepared to get out in public and influence.

And so reluctantly at first I started building up my social media presence.  Twitter seemed a good place to start.  I had lost my CallumLaing handle and so had to suffice with @LaingCallum.  I had a handful of followers and yet I would agonise over what to say (like they were hanging on my every word!).  Slowly, painfully, over a year or so with very little direction I started to build things up.  Until I met Simon Kemp.  Simon had launched We Are Social in Asia and is widely regarded as one of the top thought leaders in the Social Media.  He also seemed to be saying exactly the opposite to what everyone else was saying.  So I hired him to be the Profile Mentor for KPI.

One intense session with Simon and the blinkers came off.  We were both playing at Social Media but he knew the rules (plus plenty of hacks) and I wasn’t even on the right pitch!

He knew the rules… I wasn’t even on the right pitch!

It is no exaggeration to say that 18 months later pretty much every opportunity I get comes through my social media presence.  New clients, investors, media opportunities, staff etc.  And of course you.  Well, ok, you might have come through a friend of a friend but I’m sure you checked me out before we connected?  

Recently I passed 90,000 followers on Twitter.  The number is not important, what it allows me to do very much is!

There is a problem with Simon.  When you understand this stuff as well as he does and you know how to manipulate it to get amazing results for individuals and brands alike, your time is in huge demand.  Trying to find time to have a coffee with him is a near on impossibility.  

However, I can, and I have, booked him for a half day workshop to share his latest and greatest insights, secrets and hacks to getting results from Social Media.

If you’re serious about building your business in 2016 then I would strongly recommend you come along to this workshop.  Whatever level you are currently at I guarantee he will shift your thinking – and more importantly shift your results!

When: 4th March 2016 (Friday)
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Venue: Entrevo Boardroom
            2 Marina Boulevard #64-06
            The Sail @ Marina Bay Tower 1
            Singapore 018987
Fee: $499 (inclusive of light refreshment)
Book here:  http://my.entrevo.com/personal-brand-kpi/

And yes, if you’re outside of Singapore, it’s worth flying in.

Lets get social.  See you there!

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