5 signs that you're an entrepreneur at heart

5 signs that you’re an entrepreneur at heart

People who are most successful have a winning mix of good fortune and personal strength on their side. Fortunate because time frequently plays a role when ideas take off, and strong in the sense that it takes a certain oomph to exploit one’s circumstances to succeed.

To help you identify with your entrepreneurial senses, we’ve provided five personality qualities that business tycoons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have sworn by since the time they were merely running small start-ups.


  1. Empathy

Good leaders and successful individuals are empathic and concerned about the people in their immediate surroundings. Consider Howard Schultz, the man who founded Starbucks and is now its executive chairman. Employees who work more than 20 hours a week get a wide range of perks, thanks to Schultz’s insistence that they are provided generous compensation. Employee perks at Starbucks range from a partial-match 401(k) plan to college reimbursement thanks to the company’s compassionate leadership.

  1. Focus

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he recognised it would have to focus on one problem to prosper. So, he set out to develop the largest online bookshop.

The fledgling company focused on eCommerce bookselling technology to improve customer service. On the show 60 Minutes in 1999, Bezos was asked about his workstation. Despite Bezos’ wealth, the desk was constructed from an office door. The desk, he claimed, was “a signal to spend money on consumer topics.”

From the start, Bezos and Amazon have focused on customer experience.

  1. Self-reflection

Famed music producer Rick Rubin has helped artists like Jay-Z and Johnny Cash develop their artistic identities. He attributed his ability to recognise brilliant artists to his self-reflective streak.

Rubin has been meditating every day for years and recently added cold showers and spa therapy to help him relax. Rubin has discovered outstanding musicians that other producers may have missed, by remaining cool and attentive.

  1. Daring

Steve Jobs left school to work in his parents’ garage building computers. To start an online company, Jeff Bezos gave up a prestigious job in finance. While a student at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg dedicated more time to establishing Facebook than he did preparing for exams. While on business in Italy, Howard Schultz became inspired by the country’s coffee culture and left his job to create a coffee shop.

Daring seems to be a characteristic of successful individuals. These people aren’t afraid to take risks as long as the motivation is sound.

  1. Open-mindedness

Apple launched Lisa in 1983. It had a bitmapped graphical interface and a mouse. This revolutionary gadget established Apple as a leading innovator in personal computer technology.

Inventing a new concept of the personal computer was one of Steve Job‘s goals, according to Walter Isaacson’s biography of him. Apple’s new personal computer was not designed to compete with the market leaders of the day, but to start a new branch in computing evolution.

These founders all refused to accept the current quo and created a solution to tackle a bothersome issue.

If you can identify with even one of these characteristics, you could be destined to be an entrepreneur!

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