5 Tech Startups To Watch Out For

5 Tech Startups To Watch Out For

Hassle-free transactions have always been important for customers. People flock to companies who offer a seamless digital booking journey, particularly now that we’re not as keen to wait around in physical queues in the real world. As such, entrepreneurs have to invest in technology to improve the quality of products and services and accommodate the present needs and demands of customers. 

Technology has been a great partner for businesses since the 19th century. It has continuously evolved to benefit both customers and companies. We’ll look at five tech startups that warrant following as they develop over time. You might even get some ideas for your business. 

  1. Survey Auto

Surveys are used to understand the ideas, suggestions and feelings of people we want to know more about. Finding the right target audience can be quite challenging and costly in business, so we use surveys to make this easier. However, developing and running surveys can also cost time, effort and money to get the right customer data. Survey Auto, a highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) surveying platform can rid you of this burden. It merges innovations in AI and smartphone applications to gather high-quality data. Furthermore, machine learning on satellite imagery is also utilised to analyse surveys and check participants in real-time using smartphone apps. It also automatically assesses the quality of collected data through speech and image analysis. 

  1. Eatigo

Eatigo could be the next big name in the food industry. It is a restaurant reservation platform that started in Thailand in 2013 and expanded in some other countries in Asia, including India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. What makes it unique is the convenience of service it offers to its customers, allowing its users to search for restaurants, make online reservations and enjoy offers with special discounts within minutes. In addition, it also features the locations of the restaurants, their photos, customer reviews and food menus. As a customer, it will not be hard anymore to find where to eat next.

  1. Button Wallet

If you are into cryptocurrency, Button Wallet might pique your interest. It is an app that allows you to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency using the Telegram app. Button Wallet’s accessibility and user-friendly features are its USP. People can conveniently use the app wherever they are without the need to use any third-party platform. The user only needs to open Telegram to trade currencies, with the confidence they have the high security they need. It’s also fast, so they can easily continue their business without any delays or any significant problems. Furthermore, users can also do transactions with their friends or even strangers hassle-free using the similar payment system they regularly use.

  1. Mythical Games

An estimated 2.7 billion people play video games every day. If you are one of this number, why not try to spend your time doing what you love while having the potential to earn money? Mythical Games are creating new standards in the gaming industry with the blockchain-based games they have. The Mythical Games studio envisions gathering game developers and content creators closer to the games they enjoy. Veteran game and platform experts convened  to develop world-class products that help users adjust to the distributed ledger technology through games.

  1. Tego

People enjoy going outdoors, travelling to new places and exploring nature. However, this can also cause anxiety for us, especially if our loved ones visit places where they could be in potential danger. Tego is an application and device specialising in security that you can use to locate or track people’s locations. The app will transmit information about the area of up to 11 of your loved ones via an app or desktop interface in real-time. If an unfortunate situation arises, a user can send an emergency signal to their friends by clicking a button. This application could reduce the number of missing people and other related incidents.

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