5 tips to tighten up the daily routine

5 tips to tighten up the daily routine

Efficiently managing our time can help us in so many ways. It means we can spend our time wisely, be more productive and avoid overwhelming ourselves with those tasks on the to-do list. Managing time can be pretty challenging for small business owners, especially for those who still have day jobs to factor in; where business, career, social life and health all need to be juggled. So, how can we achieve this? We have listed the five tips to tighten up your daily routine.


While many of us think that creating a routine should be easy peasy, it is one of the things that is pretty difficult to build. We need to develop a habit of doing the same thing every day for a week or two to help us get used to the tasks. You can start by starting and ending your day at the same time each day. It can help you realise that you only have limited time and that you should finish your tasks within that specific period. Additionally, don’t try to overwork yourself because it can lead to burn out. 


List the activities that you usually spend your time on, including every aspect of your day. By knowing how you spend your time, you can identify which ones need to be stopped, halted, minimised or continued. 


We’re emphasising the word DAILY. While having a calendar at our desk helps us remember important dates, creating a daily schedule is a must. Although some people prefer to make a weekly schedule, this doesn’t work for all and it can be overwhelming for some. Additional tip: write your daily schedule the night before to keep your mind settled with the things you need to finish. 


If you don’t know how to prioritise your assignments, you can arrange them according to their importance and when they should be done. You can also follow the Eisenhower Matrix to help you identify these tasks. The matrix is determined into four categories: urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not necessary, and not urgent and not important. The last two are distractions you can eradicate to ensure that you can follow your schedule efficiently.


Focus is significant to accomplish a task. The more activities you do simultaneously, the more divided your focus and attention are. Furthermore, you might say that multitasking is an innate characteristic of human beings, but in reality it can also cause some inconvenience. You can overlook important details that can result in many problems or forget little but essential information due to multitasking. Plus, it can also result in you not finishing everything correctly or adequately as you did not give 100% effort when simultaneously doing your tasks.

Although time management might not help us steer completely away from stress, it does allow us not to be overwhelmed. It means we can attack the day with a clear mind, and enjoy ourselves with friends and loved ones.

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