60,000 reasons why you need this media matchmaker today for your public relations.

Getting your stories to the right journalists is the key to #getnoticed by media to get you and your story noticed. And with Media Match Maker, they will not just simply help you with PR, but they will help you match with the right media and journalists with over 60,000 journalists in their database, and tools and advice too.

In this episode, Rachael Taplin, CEO at Media Matchmaker, explains how their platform helps entrepreneurs like you #getnoticed by the media and your clients. She also shares how simple you could build your stories to submit to media and publishers, be invited to radio media features up to 70 times a day, and how to overcome the nervousness when approaching clients and media.

If you want to know how to get noticed this show is for you. I have interviews, tools, tips, everything that an entrepreneur could need in order to help their organization to get noticed for free. Thank you for joining me on the unnoticed show.

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