Putting into practice three key steps to becoming a key person of influence, with Andrew Tallents

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, host Jim James speaks with Andrew Tallents, founder of The Tallents Partnership, a company that helps entrepreneurs succeed in business without sacrificing their personal life. Andrew shares three common obstacles that entrepreneurs face and how he helps them overcome these obstacles: control, expertise, and distrust. He explains that these obstacles are often driven by childhood experiences, and he helps entrepreneurs recognise and move past these traumas by spending time reflecting on themselves, recognising their relationship styles, and developing workplace strategies to regain control.

Andrew also shares his personal journey from being a director and equity holder in large organisations to running his own business. He explains how personal packaging and reactions can change how entrepreneurs function as a firm and how he helps them go from obscurity to notoriety. As a successful entrepreneur and author, Andrew provides actionable advice and tools for entrepreneurs to get noticed and succeed in business without sacrificing their personal life.

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