African American Speakers fight for equal stage time with these publicity weapons fashioned by Pam Perry

Pam Perry noticed that African American speakers were having a hard time getting on stage in front of significant audiences, especially women of colour. As a dynamic entrepreneur herself, she set about solving that bias. On this episode Pam Perry, Owner and Publicist and Branding Strategist for Speakers and Authors of PamPerryPr, shares some tips on how you can do both to help you #getnoticed.

Pam also shares some tools you can use to create content and publish yourself, like Issuu, and how you can build your authority as a subject matter expert. She also shares and explains about Speakers Magazine for African American speakers, Speakers Clubhouse, and Encore Career, and provided some ways on how you could also have your own magazine, clubhouse, and encore career to help you make noise. And lastly, she also shares how she gets herself and Pam Perry PR centre stage.

Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants

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