Brad Sugars on his Three Major Keys to Building a Brand

In this episode, we’re talking to Brad Sugars, one of the “World’s Top Coaches” and has authored over 16 books and has 1100 offices for the “ActionCOACH” business franchise. We’re talking to Brad about how he’s built an amazing franchise business, and how he’s managed to keep two brands going with his “Brad Sugars” brand and “ActionCOACH“. 

Brad explains that there are three major things to building a brand. Firstly, he recruits the best of the best, and believes in the word ‘recruit’ rather than ‘hire’. Secondly, he’s never shied away from a stage, with Brad doing more than 200 events in the early days. Finally, he’s partnered with the right people and given his services for free to put himself in front of massive audiences.

Brad talks about the need to #getnoticed, and the importance of investing the time and energy into marketing. He also speaks about the niche of the businesses he’s created, and how the “ActionCOACH” brand differs from the “Brad Sugars” brand. 

Finally, Brad shares his tip for getting noticed: ‘Ask people to raise their hand all the time.’

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