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Can you debunk a common myth within your industry? by Katrina Julia

It’s hard to make money as a lifestyle entrepreneur or influencer.

Facts: When you approach the business as a Creator to CEO, it isn’t.

An example is building a brand with media, online courses, and B2B brand engagements.
This includes 7+ income streams strategically.

To build a business, pitching brands for ongoing work on an annual contract with a monthly retainer is the way to go.

Last, but definitely not least, recently I worked with a Fortune 500 brand on a 5 figure one month deal simply for repurposed videos I already shared on Instagram to be shared for geographical purposes on YouTube (with my channel being less than 1000 subscribers). Hence, that does not matter either.

The bottom line is there are limitless ways to create wealth in 2023 and beyond.

About Katrina Julia

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, athlete, and traveler with experience in 7+ industries, with a MBA, CPA and NASM Fitness Certifications. I have transformed every area of life + love helping people create + scale a life + business they love. Brands served include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Victoria's Secret. Results include 3000% ROI, 300 million in reach, and 6-8 figures for others regularly. I am currently traveling the world + speak four languages including Spanish, and cover wellness, faith, business and travel. I LOVE creating a life + business + love + helping others #CREATEIT too!

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