Can You Make Use of Blockchain Technology?

Can You Make Use of Blockchain Technology?

Crypto trading remains strong, and a growing number of people are investing in this decentralised digital money. Bitcoin, in particular, is becoming ever more legitimised, some countries have even legalised it as a mode of payment.

What makes cryptocurrency so popular is the utter transparency of its transactions and its high degree of security. All of these are made possible by blockchain technology. A driving force behind cryptocurrency, blockchain also holds the potential for firms to do business more securely and reliably in this increasingly digital and interconnected world. 


Blockchain is a type of database where data is chronologically stored in blocks. Each block has a set storage capacity, and when it is filled, the information it contains becomes permanent. A full block is then linked to another block that has been previously filled; hence, a “block chain” is formed.

A blockchain is not stored in a single server. Instead, it is stored in a network of computers, allowing for decentralised operation. Each computer in this network is called a node, and while all nodes may be able to see all the data in the blockchain, not a single node is in control of the entire network. For instance, if there is an attempt to alter data in a node, the blockchain cross-references this change with other computers in the network and corrects the error.


Businesses will find many different benefits from integrating blockchain into their information management processes, but it all boils down to two: transparency and security.

  • Transparency
    All nodes in a blockchain network can see all the data stored in the chain. This can be done through special applications like blockchain explorers. Also, each node possesses a copy of the blockchain data, which are kept up-to-date in real-time. The data are also traceable, so they can easily be tracked and recovered if altered or wrongfully moved to a different network.
  • Security
    The decentralised and self-correcting nature of a blockchain makes it a very reliable and trustworthy repository of information. As altering data from one node is not possible, theft and corruption are virtually absent in an organisation that uses blockchain technology. In the context of business, this level of security is a great way to earn the trust of clients and investors.


The high degree of security and absolute transparency inherent to any blockchain network gives blockchain technology so many potential uses to firms. Consider these following applications:

  • Reliable transactions.
    Data in a blockchain network is chronological and immutable. When combined with the inherent reliability of the technology, this makes digital transactions such as buying and selling online more secure.
  • Secure information sharing.
    Reporting and sharing crucial data is made easier and safer with blockchain. As all the data within a network is transparent to all nodes, obtaining or compiling accurate reports will take less time and effort.
  • Employee compensations.
    Paying your workers with cryptocurrency is especially a good move if you manage remote teams from different parts of the world. This lets you skip the expenses of international money transfer and foreign exchange, allowing for a faster compensation process that can benefit your international employees.
  • Intelligent supply chain management.
    If your supply chain spans multiple countries, blockchain can definitely improve its efficiency. Introducing blockchain to your logistical system can solve the issues of keeping accurate supply records, locating lost shipments, and eliminating corruption that may arise during the interactions of entities involved in your supply chain.

As the world progresses to an increasingly digital economy, making transactions secure and keeping information accurate is a growing challenge to many firms. Blockchain is a promising technology that will help various businesses overcome these challenges, thanks to its characteristic security and reliability. It simply is more than just a glorified cryptocurrency ledger.

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