Compilation Piece 10- Leading Answers

Compilation Piece 10: Leading Answers

Each week we ask some leading questions to an entrepreneur or business owner.

Here’s some of our favourite replies to … What have you dreamt of doing for a long time but still haven’t done?

“Being an entertainer and creative person, I have always dreamt of participating in a TV or film project.

The idea of having such an experience makes me feel excited. The whole process of preparing for the project, fine-tuning the character and then performing the role would be something I would enjoy doing very much.

And after completion, having the chance to share the experience and results with my loved ones would put me on cloud nine.

Hopefully, one day, I get to do this, but for now, I will continue living my life to the fullest and confidently writing the script of my movie.”

Yamilette Cano, Founder of LOUDER Global

“Providing affordable 24/7 access to clean, safe drinking water for the estimated 2 to 4 billion people on the planet who don’t have that access now. I know how it can be done. I just need time to organise the finance and technical team to do it. But first, I want to get our personal air-conditioning technology fully commercialised and profitable.”

James Trevelyan, Author of “The Making of an Expert Engineer”

“1) Posting video content of myself – lack the courage/confidence/content

 2) Losing weight/loving myself – lack of self-esteem”

Zac Chua, Founder and CEO of The Kettle Gourmet

“Go to culinary school! I have always, always, ALWAYS been a foodie. I would absolutely love to work in a kitchen with chefs (of all kinds) and learn from them with hands-on experience. I used to have the Food Network Channel on as background all the time and would cook gourmet meals for my friends in college (guess where we ate dinner most of the time?!).”

Sarah Kalmeta, Mindset Coach at Pivot Point, Co-Founder of Aveita Limited

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