Could SMS be a better option instead of emails; with Jeremy Nagel

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Jim James interviews Jeremy Nagel, who successfully built and sold his company, Smooth Messenger. Jeremy shares his insights on how he effectively communicated and marketed his business to attract attention and achieve sustainable growth. He highlights two main strategies: partnerships and YouTube. Jeremy leveraged his YouTube channel, which had a small but engaged following, to promote his SMS integration for Zoho CRM. He also formed a partnership with Zoho, who funneled leads his way.

Additionally, Jeremy emphasises the importance of customer reviews and how he focused on providing exceptional customer support to generate positive feedback, which helped differentiate his product and attract potential buyers.

He also mentions the concept of price elasticity and how he tested different price points, and on the potential of SMS as a marketing tool, noting its effectiveness in cutting through the noise of overloaded email inboxes and reaching customers directly. He advises entrepreneurs to consider incorporating SMS into their communication strategies, especially for time-sensitive messages or when email engagement is low.

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