Does your tech startup need a LinkedIn page?

Does your tech startup need a LinkedIn page?

Though some would call it the world’s least exciting social networking site, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that businesses of all stripes can’t afford to ignore. With over 740 million active users worldwide, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential clients, customers, and partners. And since its 2016 acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn is only getting more popular and influential. 

How can a LinkedIn page help a startup grow?

It can help to build brand awareness. LinkedIn is a high-traffic site, and having a presence on the platform can help to get your startup in front of more people. A LinkedIn page has a dual purpose, and can also be used to recruit new talent.

There are a number of case studies of tech startups that have found success using LinkedIn:

Tech company Binti doubled its LinkedIn followers in just six months, gaining more momentum and visibility thanks to the platform.

AI provider AMP Robotics gained a 3.5x increase in weekly impressions per LinkedIn post, the upward trend helped the success of the 2020 International CES with the hashtag #ces2020. The event put AMP in the spotlight, highlighting the company’s innovation in neural networks and deep learning.

LinkedIn’s copy and creative suggestions helped the investment platform for women Ellevest garner an impressive engagement rate and CTR for their LinkedIn page going 231% and 280% above the benchmarks, assisting the brand with its marketing efforts.

How to create a successful LinkedIn page for your startup

Use keyword-rich descriptions and titles to ensure that your tech startup comes up in relevant searches.

Make sure that your profile and cover photo are professional and represent your brand well. 

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s blogging feature to share informative and interesting articles related to your tech startup.

Use LinkedIn’s groups feature to join relevant groups and start discussions related to your industry.

By following these tips, you can create an effective LinkedIn page that will help promote your tech startup.

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