Drunk chiropractors can make more fees immediately, according to Dr Daniel Bai

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, we are talking to Dr. Daniel Bai, the founder of Close for Chiro, a B2B consultancy for the chiropractic industry. Dr. Daniel shared how his business helps chiropractors around the world in the Middle East, Tennessee, and Asia to grow their practice. He discussed how the industry has been oppressed for over a hundred years, and how he and his team help chiropractors to make more money without trying to find more clients.

Using his own experiences, Dr. Daniel explained how the sales process is all about making the person you are selling to comfortable, and understanding their problem to provide them with a solution. He also pointed out the importance of staying focused on one goal and being prepared for every interaction. His advice for entrepreneurs on getting noticed is to interact with utmost care and to have a plan for every conversation. With his passion for helping others and his commitment to staying focused, Dr. Daniel has built a successful business that has helped countless chiropractors to scale their practice and make a greater impact in the world.

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