Empowering Authors: Navigating Self-Publishing Pitfalls

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Ever thought about writing a book? Discover the untold truths of self-publishing with Larissa Soehn of Next Page Publishing. Learn why many aspiring authors face misconceptions about the journey, expecting smooth sailing after writing. Larissa exposes the reality of post-writing challenges, from marketing to building a supportive community.

She highlights the importance of understanding your audience from the outset, offering actionable advice to tailor your book to resonate deeply. Larissa shares personal anecdotes, emphasising the power of vulnerability and authenticity in building connections. Uncover Larissa’s refreshing approach to entrepreneurship, where kindness and authenticity are the cornerstones of success.

Hear her cautionary tale about investing in expensive coaching programs and the value of staying true to your unique voice. Larissa’s wisdom transforms the narrative of self-publishing, empowering authors to navigate their journey with confidence and clarity.

Book Recommendation: “The Comfort Zone” by Kristen Butler

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