Emulating Air Asia and its super app

Emulating Air Asia and its super app

We all need to innovate to survive the onslaught of change. And sometimes, we just need to take a look at what makes our business great and start from there. 

This is exactly what airline carrier AirAsia did when it decided to build a new regional super app. In this piece, we look at how other businesses can get inspiration from this idea, and the possible benefits from emulating this concept. 

What’s AirAsia’s super app all about?

As detailed in an article from eMarketer Insider Intelligence, AirAsia’s super app taps into the airline’s strengths, offering more than just the means to make air travel easy. Built around the company’s online travel agent (OTA) platform, it also offers food delivery, e-commerce, shipping and ride-hailing services. These services take advantage of AirAsia’s facilities, products, air fleet and network of connected companies. The app also has FinTech functionalities supported by AirAsia’s massive library of customer data. 

This app also aims to penetrate thriving markets that can increase AirAsia’s profit margins. Ecommerce sales alone are projected to be valued at $45.07 billion in Southeast Asia by the end of the year, and it can practically serve as the core of the super app’s offerings. 

Can other businesses develop a super app?

Many might think that creating a super app like this is something that only large companies could accomplish. On the contrary, even much smaller companies could repurpose resources and emulate AirAsia’s idea and build a platform that unifies your services for their customers. You may need to invest in a professional application development team to get this done, and then spend a bit more to market your app. 

How would they benefit from this?

Having a converged app can be advantageous to a business looking to diversify its offers. Its benefits include the following: 

  • Reduced costs. Cut costs by running your services on a single platform as opposed to having different apps for different offers.
  • Streamlined management of services. You can manage your services from a single backend, plus they all have a uniform structure that you can easily manage. This should make it easy for you to deliver updates and fixes or send notifications to your users. 
  • Scalability. Applications, by nature, are scalable. You can expand your app further to add new services or accommodate a larger volume of users. 

The idea of a converged app is nothing new, but AirAsia took this to a whole new level. They accomplished the task and diversified their market by simply utilising their existing assets. Such resourcefulness and creativity is something businesses can take inspiration from, if not emulate.

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