Getting Back to Business Post-Lockdown: Practical Tips for Successfully Reopening

Lockdowns across the world’s hub cities are gradually easing off, and many business owners are looking forward to reopening. Things may not be the same as before, but change is inevitable. 

So, as you prepare to reopen, you need to be properly positioned. This will get you on the positive side of the change that this pandemic has brought to the economy. Here are five tips that will guide you during this period.

  1. Assess the Risk 

Chances are, your business incurred some amount of loss during the lockdown. So, before reopening, engage your employees for a collective review of your business. 

Ensure that everyone understands the procedures and their roles. Of course, you might need to put up steps for monitoring the controls on a daily basis. In addition, you need to make sure that every employee can arrive at work safely and return home in good health. 

  1. Utility Services 

Before reopening, you should check your utility services such as water, gas, or electricity supplies. They should be safe and ready to be used upon reopening. 

Due to the lockdown, the water system can stagnate, increasing the risk of diseases like Legionnaires. Therefore, these risks should be managed and assessed before you resume. 

  1. Sanitation 

Although the pandemic is becoming more contained, you still need a good supply of alcohol sanitiser at accessible stations throughout the workplace for both customer and employee use. 

This will help them maintain personal hygiene and create a safe working environment. In addition, you should also design a cleaning routine. Lastly, train your staff on how to implement this cleaning schedule too. 

  1. Ventilation 

There should be enough fresh air in your workplace, especially in enclosed areas. So, check poorly ventilated locations and ensure that they are adequately ventilated. 

There are three kinds of ventilation – natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and both. Natural ventilation includes opening windows, air vents and doors, except for fire doors. 

Meanwhile, mechanical ventilation involves using ducts and fans to allow outdoor air to come in. Make sure that you have enough of either one or both to ensure enough airflow in your establishment.

  1. Physical Distancing

The general guideline for the “new normal” is that individuals should keep at least two metres apart. This is to reduce the risk of virus transmission. So, to enforce this, you should mark out points on your premises for this physical distancing. 

Moreover, the number of customers should be limited to half normal capacity. In addition, queues should be well managed both outdoors and indoors. Floor markings and intervals can be perfect for this purpose. This will also introduce a safe one-way route system. 

Customers will also need to be reminded of social distancing. This can be done by regular announcements or messages. 

Lastly, highlight busy areas and pinch points with physical distancing signs. There should be screening at the service counters. You may also need to adjust the opening time, breaks, and closing time of your business. 

Reopening a business after lockdown can undoubtedly be challenging. After all, there will be many adjustments that need to be made. However, Philip Gaskin’s advice can come in handy:

“You’ve already started a business, so why not look at the odds you have already beaten by starting your own business?”  

With that said, following these tips will ensure that things are done in alignment with all Covid-19 protocols in your city. In addition, most employers will require their staff to submit a negative Covid test before being allowed back to work. 

What about you? What else should you do to reopen your business successfully?

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