Here's how to bask in glowing reviews

Here’s how to bask in glowing reviews

Like in brick-and-mortar enterprises, the success of any online business highly depends on the size of its customer base. Many turn to digital marketing to grow this base, but that alone is not enough. You will need your audience to trust you if they are to do business with you, which is possible with a robust online reputation.

Your reputation on the internet largely depends on customer feedback, which often translates to reviews. According to Socialocca, customers trust recent reviews, so you need to learn how to keep getting consistent reviews for your business. 

Give your customers a superb buying experience.

Providing high-quality products, excellent customer support and a great buying experience overall generates positive word-of-mouth and is the best way to compel your customers to leave you good reviews. Providing a great customer experience is the best way to build an online reputation that will rack in reams of positive feedback. This is also far more cost-efficient than marketing methods to get the same results.

Put a Google Review link on your website. 

This should be your logical first step to getting customer reviews online. When people know where to give feedback for your excellent service, it will be easier for you to get good reviews. For people who don’t know how to use Google Reviews, you might want to show them an appropriate call-to-action after they have made their purchase. Consider customising your Google Review link as well so it will be easier to convince people to leave a review for your business. 

Ask your customers nicely.

Sometimes, all you really only need to ask. Interact with your customers after they have made their purchase and ask that they leave you an honest review on Google. You can further incentivise them to do so through gift cards or giveaways, but be sure to encourage complete honesty. You may not get favourable feedback in all your attempts, but this should help you gauge just how well your business is performing for your customers, as well as the things that need to be improved. 

Solicit reviews from customers via email. 

Follow up purchases with a thank you email after an appropriate amount of time that includes a request for a Google Review. This not only acknowledges the success of the transaction but should also show your clients how much you value their business and opinion. You may also include your Google Review link to your signature, so they will know where to leave a review even as you are engaging them via email.  

Use social media to get reviews.

Use your social media platforms to solicit reviews from customers and people who have interacted with your business. This is a great way to get your business heard by a sizeable audience while making your presence felt across your followers’ feeds. 

Engage negative reviews in a positive manner. 

Don’t let unfavorable feedback discourage your efforts. Instead, take your time to respond to negative reviews politely and calmly. Ask what went wrong if it has not been stated already, and give your sincerest apology followed by offers of a discount or the like to make up for the dissatisfaction. 

Utilise all of your platforms to engage your audience and solicit good reviews. However, one thing that you should not forget is that positive feedback follows a good experience. So, be nice to your customers, make them feel valued, and give them the best experience that your business offers.

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