How a construction SaaS B2BTech brand is being built, with Surendra Singh

Building a brand just online is not that easy. But this company, ViAct, a Construction Management Software, made it look very easy and simple. In this episode, Surendra Singh, ViAct’s Marketing and Public Relations Lead, shares how their company built a brand online through SaaS marketing, and how they #getnoticed and got a 2-million dollar investment deal.

Surendra also shares how ViAct can help construction companies, not just to monitor their operations, but to #getnoticed as well. He also explains how they are being noticed through their brand ambassadors, acquiring client feedback, sharing organically on social media and partnerships, and how they are contributing to ESG. Surendra also mentioned DingTalk, which is a communication tool they mainly use within all of their teams in 50 different locations.

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