How are brands using AI to personalise their comms?

How are brands using AI to personalise their comms?

You might think that automation and personalisation stand at opposite ends of the communication spectrum. However, revolutionary leaps in AI technology are enabling brands to do both in their messaging. In this piece, we will explore how they can do so and the tools that made it possible for them. 

How brands use AI for their comms

Businesses can use AI technology for external and internal communications – generating reports, creating brand graphics or maybe writing press releases. They use generative AI tools for this purpose, and these require users to input lines of prompt or data that the AI then compiles to create the desired content. The business then refines this content to use as part of its marketing campaigns, internal messaging or cold email outreach, to name a few.

10 best AI tools for brand communications

Brands integrate AI into their communications via generative AI tools, of which there are plenty these days. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  1. ChatGPT. This free, powerful language model generates text similar to that written by real humans. Brands can use this to create compelling content that lets them stand out in their respective markets.
  2. Watson. This AI-powered platform from IBM automates essential aspects of brand communication, including content creation and data analysis. As a cloud service, it easily integrates with the existing processes of any business.
  3. Bard. Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, this free-to-use chatbot does not just generate content as specified by the user. It also features predictive data analytics, allowing you to tailor your campaign around your audience’s behaviour.
  4. Grammarly. While this free tool is best known for helping writers polish their work, recent updates gave it AI writing capabilities – perfect for breaking through writer’s blocks and helping users create content best suited for brand communication purposes.
  5. MarketMuse. This marketing platform draws on large amounts of data to create a content strategy tailored to the company’s audience. Its automated audit features quickly point out what’s working and what needs fixing, making the creation of effective personalised content a breeze.
  6. Fireflies. This tool easily integrates with Zoom, Meet, and other video conferencing platforms to deliver crisp recordings and accurate transcriptions. Fireflies can use the information obtained from these meetings to create personalised email campaigns.
  7. Salesforce Einstein. This AI-driven customer relationship management (CRM) system is all about improving your customer engagement to generate more sales. Most notably, you can use it to set up an AI customer support chatbot that communicates with customers in a very natural, conversational way.
  8. Synthesia. This AI tool can create videos based on your brand language and personalise them for your audience. These videos quickly capture your audience’s attention, encourage them to take immediate action, and increase conversions.
  9. Zendesk. This customer support platform lets you answer your client’s queries in a deeply personalised manner across various channels – all without lifting a finger. Its AI-powered chatbot practically gives you the ability to respond to queries 24/7, even providing bespoke answers to common questions.
  10. Hootsuite. This tool is mainly dedicated to social media management. Unsurprisingly, users can set it up to engage with the brand’s audience automatically through personalised responses.

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