How can you clone yourself as an entrepreneur?

Do you often find yourself lost in the entrepreneurial world, unsure of which steps to take next? Business expert and Founder of Online Marketing Muscle, Dean Mercado, shares his unique and transformative ‘Clone the Owner’ methodology, designed to help entrepreneurs like you, chart a course to success. 

Dean’s strategies, the Differentiate or Die and the Unique Marketing Recipe, aim to simplify the business-building process, making navigating and thriving easier, especially in today’s challenging times.

As an entrepreneur, the marketplace can often feel overcrowded. In this episode, Dean unveils marketing tactics that you can utilize to work your way through the crowd and make your mark. Whether you’re an introvert or prefer not to be in the spotlight, Dean offers practical ways to create engaging content and effectively connect with your audience. 

We also delve into overcoming setbacks and the importance of marketing what you’re best at, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades.

Finally, we cannot discount the role of communication in the world of business. Dean and I dissect communication strategies for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of understanding your target market’s needs and engaging with your community. We share tips for working with teams and how to make communication a priority.


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