How has this CEO maintained 100% employee retention

How has this CEO maintained 100% employee retention?

The post-pandemic recruitment scene can look very much like a revolving door. Employees come and go so quickly, always in search of greener pastures and better experiences. That was certainly not the case with Stephen Magli. Stephen managed to retain 100% of his employees, over a five year period. How is this possible? 

How Stephen Magli kept ALL his employees

Stephen co-founded AI Digital, a programmatic advertising company. He believes in keeping top talent, which he successfully did in the face of the pandemic and prospects of a recession. He understood what makes workers stay, employing the following methods to maintain a 100% retention:

  • Connect with your employees

Empathy can bring your leadership a long way – in fact, 92% of workers believe it helps with their retention. Stephen took his time to learn about his employees and build a relationship with each of them. In essence, he created a healthy and engaging employee-centric work environment offering solutions that cater to their needs, maximising their productivity. 

  • Acknowledge all successes

Big or small, a win is a win, and Stephen knows one merits a celebration. This can be in the form of a simple shout-out during team calls or gifts with personalised congratulatory notes. These gestures add a personal touch to individual acknowledgment, making each employee feel that their effort matters and are recognised. 

  • Hire based on your management style

Having people that work best with your leadership approach can vastly improve your company’s retention rate. For instance, if you prefer to let your employees work autonomously as Stephen does, you might want people with more experience and managerial skills. You’ll know exactly what they need, allowing you plenty of opportunities to work your way into keeping them. 

The 3 keys to high employee retention

We have plenty to learn from Stephen when it comes to making employees happy and keeping top talent in your company. Here are three key takeaways:

  • Communicate

Keep your lines of communication open and talk to your people to know exactly how they are doing and what they need to get things done. Make them feel heard and let them know that their concerns are going to be addressed accordingly.

  • Support

Even the least bit of support can take employee engagement and retention up several notches. Acknowledging their achievements is a good start, but you can do more by providing them with the right tools and training for the job. Keeping watch over their well-being is also a must. Showing that you care for them is a great way to encourage loyalty. Aside from the points mentioned, you also have to make sure your workforce management strategy aligns well with your business requirements.

  • Trust

As we all know, trust is the foundation of any great relationship, and you should afford that to your employees. Leave them to their job, trusting that they have the skills and tools needed to accomplish their tasks. Micromanagement can be very overbearing, and you’ll need to give them a healthy degree of autonomy. 

Bottomline: Happy people stay

Losing an employee can cost your company dearly. By giving them the trust they need and showing them that they matter and their needs are met, you end up making them happy enough to remain for as long as they can.

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