How should you go about poaching top talent

How should you go about poaching top talent?

Poaching employees from other organisations is often considered a faux pas, and it is a practice that used to be strongly frowned upon.

However, in an era where skilled employees are scarce and in high demand, this approach has become more common. Indeed, in a recent Skynova survey, about 74% of 600 recruiters said they’ve poached employees from another company, while 73% have had at least one of their people recruited by another organisation. However, convincing top talents to leave their current company for your own is by no means easy.

Here’s three strategies that make poaching a viable talent-hunting approach.

Tap your connections

You may know quite a few people from the industries you are targeting, and you’ll need their help when poaching top talents for your business. Talk to them and ask them if they know someone that may work best for the role that you are looking for. Be sure to ask for an introduction from your friends to the talents they recommend. Cold email still works but warming up your prospects with an introduction from a mutual acquaintance should improve your chances.

Offer worthwhile compensation

Salary is one factor that makes people hesitant about moving to a different company. It pays to learn how much they are being paid by researching industry standards or getting an idea from the former employees of your prospect’s company, then computing a suitable offer based on the information you’ve gleaned. Assuming you have the budget, you can also alleviate new talent’s fears of not passing probation at your company by offering an upfront payment worth several months’ pay.

Make your vision a selling point

When talking to potential recruits, communicate your company’s vision and goals effectively. You will want to convince people why your company is the better place to work, showing them that they can make more of a difference in your organisation than where they are now. It also helps to ask what your potential recruits are missing in their current set up. Respond with a well-crafted value proposition that makes a move your way an irresistible option.

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