How to Deal with Negative Reviews

How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Positive reviews can provide us with a much-needed confidence boost …. receiving negative feedback should logically do the opposite. Not so — this feedback is not something you should worry about … if it’s sporadic. If they come in thick and fast though, they can adversely influence your business. How do you manage customer responses correctly and take them as constructive criticism?

Reach out to the customer

There is no better way to address an issue than to discuss it with your customers. You can ask them personally about their feedback and overall experience with your product or service and consider their suggestions when planning your next marketing strategy. When approaching customers, don’t forget to respond promptly and be polite.

It is obviously more conducive to settle the issue privately than to leave public responses. However, some customers will want to mediate in public, so plan out your first move. Remember, how you react to negative reviews can also affect your brand. 

Opportunity to engage

Dealing with negative reviews is a significant opportunity to engage with customers. It will show that you value their opinion as consumers of your wares. Once you start communicating with the customer, don’t forget to apologise and offer a feasible solution to the issue. Be patient in listening to their concerns to avoid misunderstandings, leading to a bigger problem.

Learn from mistakes

These reviews will help you learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Eventually, you can figure out what works best and what to avoid in numerous situations. Plus you can gain insights to tweak your offering to reflect the taste of your target audience.

Authenticates positive reviews

Many sellers hide negative reviews for fear of the effects. However, when you sweep them under the carpet, customers may feel that your business is too good to be true, ebbing their trust in your brand. Negative reviews can balance your brand’s identity and provide a realistic image of your business.

Improve SEO ranking

Regardless of the feedback, whether positive or negative, it will still provide you with a favourable result. Reviews account for more than 15% of Google’s ranking factors, and negative reviews often contain the keywords needed for your brand to get even better rankings. 

Increase trust rating

Customers don’t just read the negative feedback. They also consider how a business responds to these reviews. If you answer positively and proactively, customers tend to increase their trust in these brands.

In the words of business consultant and motivational speaker Ken Blanchard, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We have to remember that even the best can fail, and no one is immune to committing mistakes. Mistakes, or any semblance thereof, invite criticism — something from which we can learn instead of running away.  

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