How to Make Instagram Work for You

How to Make Instagram Work for You

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for this generation, with an estimated one billion Instagram users across the world. It has also become a trusted marketing channel, boasting roughly 200 million business accounts

For those planning to exploit this platform, but who haven’t yet taken the leap let’s look at how you can best focus your brand’s efforts on Instagram.

Post and they will come

One of the many advantages Instagram offers your business is its sheer scale. While it might be challenging to connect with disparate audiences in the early days, it’s possible to build a wide geographic following if you are consistent in posting, make an impression through effective branding and toy with sponsored posts. Eventually, people will recognise your account, and Instagram’s feature to let users share posts across other platforms can help you reach a bigger audience. 

Stick to the Brand

Because Instagram is all about posting photos and putting together engaging captions, creating a brand image will be easier when done right. This platform can help you increase brand awareness because your target audience can quickly notice your content. One tip that can help you maintain your brand image is to be consistent in the colour scheme and font you choose. Designs aligned to your business can also help keep this image. 

Create Once Publish Everywhere

Although marketing is never an easy task, Instagram makes it easier to get desired results. As already mentioned, the app’s capability to share posts on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter makes social media marketing more efficient. However, you need to remember that these two social networks are a bit different from Instagram, so you need to still make your posts a little different each time. It’s still easier to spread the name of your business with the use of this platform. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Same Tricks, New Audience

Utilising Instagram to update your followers about discounts and special promotions can greatly improve your sales. If you have a new product or service to launch, using Instagram to show teasers can create an impact. Calling for collaborations with Instagram influencers can also contribute to your sales. 


One more reason why you should use Instagram is its ability to help you capitalise on new trends. You can post photos related to the latest trends. Aside from that, you can also make use of hashtags to keep up to improve audience engagement.

There are more things to explore on Instagram, and it is clear that it provides a great opportunity to market your business. There are tutorial videos and other learning materials to know more about Instagram marketing. After that, who knows? You could start a consulting business focusing on Instagram marketing. Yet another business opportunity for you!

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