How to make your firm a great place to work?

How to make your firm a great place to work?

Have you ever wondered why some people willfully put up with a relatively low-paying job when there are better options? Or why have they remained in a post for so long, without attempting to zigzag up the corporate ladder at other firms? The reasons will vary; they may have made great friends with their colleagues, enjoy flexible working hours or simply be very happy with the nature of their work. In other words, they are employed in a fantastic workplace.

What makes a great place to work, and how can you turn your firm into one?

1. Don’t compromise on recruitment

Getting new people into your team does not simply mean hiring the applicant with the best resume and most extensive work experience. An individual that will make for a good fit for the role might be far more beneficial. 

In this regard, take your time recruiting talent, even if you need a vacancy filled as soon as possible. Carefully screen every applicant that comes in, and be sure to review all applications thoroughly. You don’t want to miss out on promising talent just because their resume lacks some standout phrases.

2. Foster a community through a referral system

A great workplace means a cohesive community of employees working together. This is something that you can build through a referral system that encourages your existing employees to introduce qualified friends and acquaintances to the company. Set up a reward system for successful referrals, and you’ll watch your team grow into a successful community.

3. Embrace inclusiveness

Inclusivity and diversity are more than mere virtue-signalling buzzwords – these concepts are key to a healthy, thriving workplace that doubles as a small, happy community. Be open to people of all ethnicities, socio-economic groups and inclinations, and you will introduce a variety of perspectives into the workplace that will help your team grow beyond collaboration and productivity.

4. Make your firm a place for second chances

Consider hiring ex offenders – especially those released on the basis of good behaviour. This will expand the talent pool you’d tap into, providing you with more hiring options in the face of the ongoing labour shortage. These people will appreciate the opportunity to gain employment, leading them to be loyal to your company and be more dedicated to their work.

5. Lead with kindness, fairness and respect

As a manager, you will also have to take the role of a leader in building your firm into a workplace anyone would love to be in. Keep an eye out for potential issues and an open ear for feedback. 
Furthermore, treat your employees with respect at all times, making fair decisions that consider your team’s feedback. Leadership largely impacts employee outlook towards their work and workplace, and it helps that you become someone they look up to and a reason to stay.

Nurture a positive workplace culture

Overall, what you’ll be doing in this case is to create and grow a positive workplace culture in your firm. Start with the hiring process, turning it into an uncompromising quest for real talent while practising inclusivity and valuing connections. 

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