How to overcome the biggest challenge in B2B tech PR, building a story, to #getnoticed.

According to Mike Maynard of Napier, entrepreneurs who are running a great business have really great opportunities. But based on what he has observed from his clients in Napier, the biggest challenge for these businesses to #getnoticed is creating their story. How do you overcome this challenge?

In this episode, Mike explains why creating a story is the biggest challenge for businesses when it comes to PR and shares how to overcome this. He also shares the most important steps in their 4-step process to build a good campaign, and some tips for entrepreneurs on how to build a great story to #getnoticed by media or their audience without spending a big amount of money.

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If you want to know how to get noticed this show is for you. I have interviews, tools, tips, everything that an entrepreneur could need in order to help their organization to get noticed for free. Thank you for joining me on the unnoticed show.

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