How to Reach Out to APAC

How to Reach Out to APAC

The majority of internet users now hail from the Asia-Pacific, and the numbers keep rising due to a historic lack of penetration.

Otherwise known as APAC, the Asia-Pacific region encompasses South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. The region has a huge population and would be an amazing opportunity for small businesses aiming to market and expand their brands globally. 


Research has found that the APAC region boasts the most digital users worldwide, with China on the lead, adding 50 million new users within this year and the last. 

With so many cultures, languages, religions and social trends, the APAC region stands out as a must-visit. With a good strategy in mind, brands can provide amazing experiences for this new growing and booming economy.

Reports have shown that the APAC region is an excellent choice to grow your e-commerce sales due to the region being in constant growth. With online shopping being the new thing, APAC users seem to be rapidly making the most out of shops and brands online.

Upon comparing overall internet growth rankings on a yearly basis, results by DataReportal indicated that the APAC region alone delivered 55% of the annual growth figure when it came to worldwide internet users.


Despite the APAC region being quite a hard nut to crack, that is only due to the diversity in culture. To break the ice, it is important to first understand the market which includes the need to first go mobile.

People living in the APAC regions are natively mobile to a point where it is the default experience they choose. Marketing your brand using the following elements could lead to a successful expansion:

1. Tailor content for mobile devices

With APAC being a massive global buyer and mobile experience lover, it would be a great option for you to tailor your content to tablets, smartphones and smart speakers. 

2. Localise content for relevancy

Ranging from rapidly-developing Asian countries like China to rural territories like Papua New Guinea, it is important to switch context when localising content for each country within the region. 

Good research and planning will allow you to identify differences between countries and create a detailed plan of your approach for each, providing them with information that suits their needs and culture. You may also need to scale down to a city level, especially when dealing with countries like Australia, where Sydneysiders and Darwinians may not be so likeminded.

3. Transcreation works better than Translation

Transcreation and Translation differ in that, word for word, content and context remains the same for translation, just in a different language; transcreation is about creating entirely new content on the same subject to capture the specific tone, feel and voice of a brand in another language or market.

Transcreation is the better option because your audience wants to feel that the message is meant for them. Whether it’s moving cities or countries within the APAC region, it is preferable to tailor your content according to the unique elements of each area’s culture and needs.

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