How to select an influencer for your brand?

How to select an influencer for your brand?

Today, influencers’ role in marketing has become more prominent. Through social media, influencers can reach and engage with broad audiences. This makes them valuable partners for brands looking to expand their reach and boost their credibility. However, with so many influencers, how do you pick the right one for your brand?

What is influencer marketing?

To understand influencer marketing, we first have to look at social media’s very nature. Social networking platforms are densely populated spaces, and it certainly is not easy to stand out. Once a user starts consistently making waves through viral content or offline popularity, however, that is when they gain the ability to influence their fellow users – hence the term “influencer.”

With influencer marketing, brands build and leverage relationships with popular online personalities in order to spread the word about their products, services or advocacies. It is a cost-effective way to advertise a business’s offers, especially when compared side by side with marketing through traditional media like TV and print ads. 

Paid Advertising Partnerships vs. Bringing a Creator In-House

There are two main ways you can team up with an influencer: via paid partnerships or by embedding these individuals into your marketing team. 

Paid Advertising Partnerships

Think of this like hiring someone to hold up a sign with your brand on it. You pay them to show off your stuff to their followers. Honestly, it’s almost like having a human billboard – and there is nothing wrong with that. The first thing on your list should be making sure the influencer fits your brand. 

Bringing a Creator In-House

Imagine inviting that cool kid in your town to hang out with your crew all the time. You hire the influencer to be part of your team, and they help spread the word about your brand. It’s like having a hype person or a wingman in your business. This can be super effective if the influencer knows their audience inside and out and is very familiar with your business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Influencer

The next step is to check what that influencer has done in the past and what she/he can bring to the table. Here are some tips, whether you’re going for a paid partnership or bringing them in-house

Check Their Stats

Look at how many followers they have, how engaged their audience is and if their followers match your target customers.

Fit Matters

Make sure the influencer’s vibe matches your brand. If they’re all about fitness and you sell pizza, then it should be an obvious ‘no’.

Be Clear About Budget

Let the influencer know what you can afford upfront. Some influencers are willing to work with smaller budgets if they believe in your brand’s potential.

Give Creative Freedom

Don’t be too bossy or dictate each step they would do for you. Let the influencer do their thing and trust them to know what works for their audience.

Keep It Positive

Check out their previous content to make sure it’s all good and that they can create engaging content for your business as well. You don’t want them saying anything that could make your brand look bad as that could definitely hurt your business.

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