How to set out your career goals for the year

How to set out your career goals for the year

Many of us choose to start the year by reflecting on our professional journey and set clear and achievable career goals for 2024. Whether you’re just starting or planning a significant shift, it’s important to be prepared with next steps. 

Self-Reflection: Assess Your Current Position

Take a good look at your current career standing before planning for short- and long-term goals. Assess your job responsibilities, align them with your interests and skills, and reflect on achievements and challenges. Ask yourself if you feel fulfilled in your current role and identify strengths and areas for improvement. This self-awareness lays the groundwork for successful goal-setting.

Define Your Short- and Long-Term Goals

Next step is to categorise your goals into short-term (1 year or less) and long-term (3-5 years) objectives. Make short-term goals specific and consider how they contribute to long-term aspirations. Create a roadmap with actionable steps, like completing a certification or training programme by the end of 2024, leading to career changes or promotions.

Create an Action Plan

Break down your goals into actionable steps with a detailed action plan. Outline tasks, milestones and deadlines, transforming aspirations into tangible actions. This plan serves as a roadmap, guiding and refocusing you to move closer to your goals, providing empowerment and control over your career journey.

Seek Guidance and Feedback

Reach out to mentors, colleagues or recruitment consultants for guidance and feedback. Gain insights, share experiences and refine objectives based on valuable input. Consider aligning feedback with your goals and self-reflection to identify blind spots, validate strategies and propel yourself closer to objectives.

Stay Adaptable

Incorporate adaptability into your action plan. Set milestones and review points for reassessment. Proactively review progress, making necessary adjustments based on changing circumstances or new opportunities. Be open to reassessing and adapting goals as needed to navigate the unpredictable nature of life and career.

Options for 2024

Consider staying in your current workplace and focus on growth within the organisation. Challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and create an actionable plan for continuous development. Alternatively, explore changing jobs or careers. Identify interests, align with goals, and evaluate if a different employer or industry better suits your aspirations.

Establish Your Definition of Success

Define your vision of success a year from now. Are you aiming for a promotion? Wanting to sign new clients? Set realistic goals. Consider what you’ll be doing, how you want to feel and how this vision aligns with long-term goals and values. This overarching vision serves as a foundational guide for capitalising on opportunities and adapting to change.

Outline Key Objectives

Use your vision to define three key objectives for the next 12 months. Consider steps already taken, what needs to be done next and potential obstacles. Break objectives into manageable steps, making them easier to manage and helping maintain motivation.

Measure Progress

Define the results that show you are on track. Focus on outcomes and actions that contribute to achieving objectives. For example, if aiming for a promotion, create a stakeholder map and develop a strategy for conversations to garner support.

Build Sustainable Momentum

Break objectives into small, manageable chunks to preserve motivation and avoid overwhelm. Create a ‘not to do’ list to focus on impactful areas, and hold yourself accountable for plan implementation. Consider an accountability partner to stay on track.

Make Time for Regular Self-Reflection

Schedule regular self-reflection sessions to review objectives, ensuring they remain clear, engaging and challenging. Don’t be afraid to clarify, amend or eliminate objectives as needed. Focus on the journey, celebrate accomplishments, and enjoy the learning and growth it brings.


Setting out your career goals for this year involves self-reflection, clear definition of success, outlining key objectives, measuring progress, building sustainable momentum and regular self-reflection. With this practical guide, you can focus on what matters, take strategic steps and celebrate the journey towards achieving your career goals in 2024. Here’s to a successful and fulfilling year ahead!

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