How To Unlock Value Through Effective Communication – with guest host, Dr Steve Day Part 1

In this episode, Jim James joins the Systemize Your Success Podcast by Dr Steve Day, Small Business Systems and Outsource Expert at Systems and Outsourcing, to discuss how you can unlock the value in your business through effective communication, and how knowing your audience can help you to deliver far higher levels of value, and increase your success.


Content is the backbone of creating engagement. We all create information, but the key to helping that to find its audience is to find a way to allow different audience to empathise and connect.Storification is not about providing a service. It is about recognising the problem that a client is trying to solve. A useful exercise is to record our “pitch”, and examine the ways in which we present our offeringEngaging content is about creating content that is new and interesting, but also recognising the right time at which to deliver that content so as to maximise its impact and reach.Businesses, while growing, always reach a point whereby our personal influence begins to bottleneck. To grow, we must build a brand and a funnel that is consistent. This can only be achieved by communicating consistently.When we create something that can positively benefit the world, it should be incumbent upon us to share this with the world, whether in business or life. This is why asking for endorsements should never be shied away from.

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