Investing in the 5 P's to win creatively

Investing in the 5 P’s to win creatively

Having the ability to create is one of the many things that make humans special. It lets us come up with brilliant ideas, build innovations upon innovations and become increasingly more efficient. Creativity is inherent to all people, though many believe it is a gift bestowed only upon a fraction of the human population – like Mozart, Einstein and Picasso, who are destined to create ripples across history and advance society. 

The truth, however, is that creativity is an inherent quality of every human being. Everyone has the potential to become creative, and for organisations this requires an investment in five P’s: person, place, process, product and persuasion. According to Deloitte, these P’s can be divided into two groups, with the first three comprising creative potential and the last two, creative performance. 

The 3 P’s of Creative Potential

All organisations house a collective creative potential that they can nurture with training, education and an environment with resources that give staff the opportunities they need to create. 

  • Person

The person within which creativity is inherent does not have to be an individual – it can also be a team at work. Investing in the person means hiring the right people for the task that needs to be accomplished, and this gives the organisation a solid foundation upon which they can build a creative workforce.

  • Place

Place refers to the setting where the creative person must accomplish their task, and this involves access to resources and elements of organisation. Investing in the place is essential, as it creates an atmosphere that delivers inspiration and fosters creativity. In turn, this results in an engaged team that can quickly come up with creative solutions to various problems. 

  • Process 

The process is how the team develops a solution to achieve their goal. This involves all the steps made during this journey, accounting for all the actions taken to tackle their objectives. A good process makes teams and individual employees more efficient, giving them plenty of room to ideate. 

The 2 P’s of Creative Performance

Creative performance is essentially the output of any creative process. It is the final product of creativity; putting this to market and making others understand its value requires persuasion.

  • Product

The product can be a raw idea or one that’s materialised into a tangible object or service. This is the primary result of the organisation’s investment in its teams’ creative potential. Additional investment in the product allows for its further refinement, ensuring that the creative effort does not go to waste.

  • Persuasion

Persuasion is needed to sell the product. This is basically the act of convincing the right people that your creative output has value and that it should be put to appropriate use. Companies definitely need to put work on persuasion, especially if they want to get their product delivered to their end users. 

Christian Espinosa, a leading entrepreneur, told EnterpriseZone that investments in these areas is a no-brainer for organisations looking to spark innovation within their ranks. “Doubling down on creative potential and performance will turn your staff into assets that could launch your business to new heights.” 

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