Let’s hear it for Gen Z side hustles

Gen Z are a canny bunch. Born into an era dominated by the internet and social media, this tech-savvy generation has all the means and abilities to survive and adapt to a highly digital world. They may well have been involved in many different side hustles that take advantage of modern technologies and current trends.

How Gen Zs do their side hustles

We often think of side hustles as any activity that earns sufficient money to supplement one’s income. However, for Gen Z, side hustles can also satisfy recreational needs, as an increasing number of people make profitable ventures out of their hobbies. 

With the proliferation of high-speed internet and sprawling social networks, Gen Z side hustles are often online, supplanting traditional on-site part-time jobs. They can also be entrepreneurial in nature or act as a second, lighter job – sometimes one that delivers a passive stream of income.

Top 5 Gen Z side hustles

Gen Zs engage in a wide variety of side hustles, and here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Content creation

Creating online content – blog articles, videos, podcasts – is one of the most popular ways Gen Z people earn money on the side. Here, they create online content for their site, content platforms or other people to earn an income. Many Gen Zs are attracted to this side hustle as it channels their creativity and lets them earn money while doing what they love.

2. Stock media creation

Stock media is a hot commodity online, as it feeds various creative industries. As such, creating and selling stock media such as photos, videos and music is yet another way to earn money. It capitalises on their creative skills, plus stock media sites make the sale of their digital products so much easier. 

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is more than just advertising. It is basically promoting another business’s product on your site or social media channels through a unique affiliate link. Affiliate marketers then get a commission for every purchase made through their link. It is easy to do and can be set up to earn a passive income, making it a very popular option for Gen Z folks. 

4. Virtual assistant jobs

Providing virtual assistance to remote clients is not a walk in the park, but it is yet another popular side hustle for Gen Z. And it pays relatively well: with hourly base salaries averaging at £13.40 in the UK alone, it’s no wonder why Gen Z’ers are hooked to this kind of work. 

5. Food and item delivery

Who says all side hustles have to be online? Delivering foodstuffs, groceries and other items is actually a popular supplemental job among Gen Zs, especially those who own vehicles. The continuous growth of the online delivery industry fuels the demand for more delivery riders, and the job allows Gen Z riders to move around and explore their locales – something we’d call a privilege at the height of the pandemic.

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