Podcasting for Business 101

Podcasting for Business 101

As the digital age evolves, so have people’s expectations of how they want to engage with content that best suits their needs. Not everyone has the time and effort to read a 5,000-word blog post telling them how to get something done. 

Besides, why spend hours writing a blog post to share knowledge when you can get creative with technology? Some prefer videos and are out there making the most out of Youtube, and then there’s podcasting – a great way to reach people through their phones and headphones.


A podcast is a type of digital media that comes in the form of audio. Podcasts are available in series of episodes and can either be streamed live or downloaded by the end-user via the internet.  

Unlike written or visual content that requires time and concentration, podcasts are great to listen to whether you’re on your way to work, working out at the gym, or laying in bed with no energy to read.

Podcasting for Business

As a business in a competitive market, it is vital that you stay tuned to the trends of this generation and cater to your young audience by starting a podcast for your business. 

Podcasts are an enhanced form of content that tend to have more people engaged than a written article could. Podcasts have massively grown in popularity and customer loyalty too. 


Podcasting has been known to leverage businesses in the following ways:

  • Attract a new audience 

A good podcast can increase the chances of your company and brand being recognised by people all over the world.

  • Build loyalty

If you can create engaging content that people listen to at least once or twice, there is a high chance they could get hooked to listening daily.

  • Built trust

Podcasts can be a great way to provide useful tips and educate people about certain things. Providing reliable content through podcasts can bring value to your listeners.

  • Attract customers for your business: 

Known as a client magnet, podcasting that showcases the talents and skills of your business can attract potential clients and bring them to you. 

5 Steps to starting your business podcast

Step 1: Determine your audience

Who exactly do you want to reach with your podcast? Who are your potential podcast listeners? 

Step 2: Generate a topic for your podcast

Create a podcast topic that is relevant, provides value, gives you enough to work with, and is a topic you’re knowledgeable about.

Step 3: Decide your podcast format and frequency

To ensure consistency in the quality of your podcast, it is important to set standards for the following characteristics of your podcast: length, frequency and type.

Step 4: Gathering the right equipment

Although podcasts can be set up by anyone with a desktop or laptop, there are other tools and equipment needed to produce the best results, such as microphones, headphones, and editing software such as Adobe Audition CC.

Step 5: Create your podcast artwork

Your podcast needs to be visually attractive, yet include the basic information your audience needs to know about your podcast, such as podcast title and photos of the host(s).

From a business point of view, podcasting can be an incredible marketing tool. Despite the fact that it may not work well for all types of businesses, it can yield great results for small businesses, such as gaining new audiences, building customer trust, loyalty, and an increase in client engagement and sales. All it takes is some equipment, and investing your time.

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