Recruiting – Three Tricks to Find the BEST Candidate

As the world was forcibly halted due to an unforeseen adversary, businesses held on for dear life as people sought safety in the confines of their homes.  Some businesses have turned to the internet and digitized their products, while others became innovative in getting through to their patrons to serve them with the offerings they’ve come to know and love.

Slowly, people are braving the challenges of the new and ever-changing world. Some who have been furloughed have come back to work, while those who have lost their jobs are looking for new ones while ensuring their safety.

David Hunter, Ceo of Take Me*: “As the economy bounces back we are once again recruiting drivers for our nationwide taxi business. To attract at least 50-60 new drivers per month we have needed to get creative.”

With the sizable number of people job hunting, and small businesses owners wanting to capitalise on new opportunities, it is time to look at recruitment. Here’s how to narrow down the ways to find the next person on your team.

1. Good old word of mouth. It would be a noble act to share a job opening with a person who needs one. It is also advantageous to business owners as their current employees will be working with somebody whose credibility they know well, and they can probably get along well with. A strong support system in the workplace works wonders and goes a long way, especially in these difficult times.

2. Understand the power of technology. The internet is an auspicious place to seek a job. A lot of companies have adapted to the work-from-home scheme and skeletal workforce arrangement which enabled employees to work remotely and comfortably within the confines of their respective homes. This also means that the recruitment process relies on LinkedIn, Zoom, and even Facebook. Utilizing the web when looking for a job posting gives you a wider range of opportunities. Small businesses can post openings on different job boards online; the more popular the website, the higher the probability you can find the perfect person for the job.

Hunter adds: “Incentives for existing drivers, plus plenty of social media outreach has been critical in hitting our recruitment goals.

3. Be competitive. After all of the effort to get the word out that you’re recruiting, business owners must remember to provide competitive and relevant perks. A clear job description should include the benefits that await the right candidate. These things attract the kind of employee that would be happy to work in a stable and compassionate workplace.

In the challenging times that we are in, getting people onboard your business still boils down to highlighting the best interests and safety of an employee. You just have to find an employee who is willing to grow with the business.

*Take Me is a UK based taxi and transport business that is part of the MBH Corporation PLC. If you are a small business owner that would like to learn how you can benefit from being part of a public company please click here

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