Should Your Business Have a Podcast

Should Your Business Have a Podcast?

A lot of businesses are starting to incorporate podcasting into their marketing campaigns. A study shows that around 75% of people who tune in want to learn new information. It’s a good way for entrepreneurs to convey their message and for entrepreneurs to improve audience engagement.


So to answer the question: should your business have a podcast? The answer is yes! And here are four reasons why you need to start one.

1. Potentially increase your conversion rate

According to Heather Parady of the Unconventional Leaders podcast, you can monetize your podcast through downloads. Your profit can increase as you draw more people to your brand. If you provide valuable and engaging content, your listeners will get more interested in you and your business. You’ll get a bigger audience to engage with, more subscribers, more individuals potentially buying your products and service. 

2. It helps you connect with your audience

Regular social media posts? Check! Email marketing campaigns? Check! Blogs? Check! These practices are implemented to engage with your target market. So if all these are working why would you still need to start a podcast? It’s because podcasting provides emotions. 

The voice that speaks to your audience makes the communication more personalized. 80% of podcast listeners tune in to all episodes or most of it. This shows that your audience spends a significant amount of time listening to your content. Take this as an opportunity to share valuable insights and market your brand.

3. Boost your web traffic

Podcasting boosts traffic to your website as people spend more time on your page. It creates backlinks to your site, which is a good way to improve your search engine rankings. To make this successful, you should regularly publish show notes, transcripts, or relevant content which are factors when search engines create rankings.

4. You don’t need a lot of capital

A mic, reliable internet connection, and engaging content are enough to start a good podcast. The cost shouldn’t be high if you’re doing the production on your own. And in case you need support, you can hire freelancers to do your show notes, editing, admin support, and other services that shorten your to-do list.

Hosting a podcast could be really fun for you. You meet new people, learn new things from your guests, and connect with listeners from different groups of people. It would be great to share ideas your audience can benefit from, and in turn, increase brand awareness.

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