Struggling to convert website visitors into paying customers?

Struggling to convert website traffic into sales? Can’t figure out your marketing funnel?

Mikael Dia increased conversion rates with his software Funnelytics. Learn how he validated demand with a free planning tool and targeted Facebook group. 

This low-cost strategy gained 6,000 users and $200,000 in sales within two months. Hear why to focus on nailing product-market fit before rapid growth. Get insider tips on avoiding marketing mistakes through testing. 

Need to stand out online? Mikael explains how delivering consistent value to your ideal audience is key. 

Finally, hear his inspiring perseverance mindset as a bootstrapped entrepreneur. 

This episode provides practical marketing strategies and an optimization mindset to turn more visitors into customers.

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This is the unnoticed entrepreneur podcast with me, Jim James. 25 minute interviews every Tuesday and Thursday. This is the show for business owners who started a company, but who desire to build a brand. 

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