Take Advantage of Google Reviews in 3 Simple Steps

Take Advantage of Google Reviews in 3 Simple Steps

Google reviews have been determining the reputation of businesses since their inception. People trust these reviews especially since they come from real people, and they use the information when making buying decisions.

Google reviews have much marketing potential, and you will want to take advantage of this platform for your business to remain competitive in the increasingly connected and digital world. 


Reviews are a double-edged sword. As they are public posts, unfavourable reviews can easily put your business in a bad light; good reviews, on the other hand, can naturally improve your standing in the online community. Plus, reviews can be considered as free promotion.

That said, for reviews to make a positive impact on your campaign, you should work to get plenty of them. Reviews help customers make a purchasing decision, so the more reviews you have, the more likely you will get buyers. Also, as more people trust online reviews, you get a better chance of engaging with potential customers if there are reviews to back up the credibility of your business. Furthermore, it is known that many and frequent good reviews can improve SEO ranking, and therefore your business’ online visibility.

Here is what you need to do to turn Google reviews into a marketing tool:

  1. Create a Google Business profile. Sign up to Google My Business and verify your ownership of your business. In the process, you will be putting your business on Google Maps. This then creates a Google Business profile for your business in which customers can leave valuable reviews.
  2. Get more customer reviews — naturally. Offering good service is a given, so what you need to do is to encourage satisfied customers to give an honest review to your business. You may work with influencers for that matter, or take advantage of your email list to solicit feedback. Post-purchase reviews are also a good idea. Fake positive reviews are highly discouraged as such deceptions can be quickly unravelled and will only lead customers to distrust your business. Also, you will need to abide by Google’s TOS for your reviews to count, meaning that you need to acquire reviews naturally and not offer incentives for customer feedback.
  3. Take advantage of Google’s Small Thanks tool. Small Thanks provides small businesses with marketing materials for free. Your business should be listed in this tool, and clicking on it prompts Google’s algorithm to collect four- or five-star reviews. It then pulls up key sentences in these reviews as blurbs that you can use in Small Thanks materials. You can use the materials for both print and social media, which should benefit your business either way. 

Every business owner will want to get feedback from their customers once in a while. Comments and suggestions on their business should help you learn what aspects of your work you should improve on and what areas you should focus on to maximise profit. The impact of reviews are more pronounced online, so do your best in providing a great experience to your customers, encourage feedback and incorporate reviews to your campaign for maximum results.

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