The Do's (and Don'ts) of Hiring a Graphic Designer

The Do’s (and Don’ts) of Hiring a Graphic Designer

Every business needs the help of a graphic designer, especially startups and small businesses. From the creation of your company logo to creating branded content for marketing your products and services, original and exclusive design is always good, and that can be obtained from hiring a graphic designer to work for your company.

Hiring a graphic designer on a full- or part-time basis:

  • Saves time – having someone create branded materials for you saves you the time it takes for you to create your own logo, brochures, and other presentation materials
  • Saves moneycreative professionals usually know the most cost-effective techniques to get designs done for you on time
  • Helps you stand out – buying designs online doesn’t make you stand out when it comes to your competitors, having a design created specifically and originally for you does make you unique and true to your branding style
  • Keeps your branding consistent – graphic designers know just what fonts and palettes to use on every design to make it look amazing yet sticking to your company’s branding style as their ultimate guide
  • Helps you get the results you aim for – good graphic designers when provided with expectations from the get-go can achieve the results you need.


When hiring a graphic designer for your business, it’s important to make sure that you select someone who’s style suits your brand.

Most of a graphic designer’s work is customer-facing, so the type of hire you pursue will most likely impact the way your customers look at your brand.

If you hire the wrong graphic designer, your customers may be discouraged by the look and feel of your marketing content. This can affect your brand’s credibility and cause people to choose your competitors over you.

Make sure you hire a graphic designer that:


There are so many talented graphic designers out there, and although many are quite capable, they’re not all similar. Having the skills to design is one thing, while the ability to effectively utilise that talent is another. To ensure that you select the person you truly need, make sure the following are checked off your criteria:

  1. Look for a designer with diverse work experience
  2. Check for relevant industry experience 
  3. Check for their client testimonials and reviews
  4. Your graphic designer should be accessible enough to meet when necessary
  5. Set a realistic budget based on your hire’s experience and perceived capability, and make sure they agree to it
  6. Look for skills beyond their core discipline


  • Focus more on their portfolio than their education. 
  • Make sure to give your final candidate a practical task to perform, with a time limit. Many applicants can present a good portfolio at the interview but can’t take on what you have for them in the long-term.
  • Do a personality test also to ensure your candidate suits your company needs and values, apart from their skills

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