Tips for Team Creativity

Tips for Team Creativity

Team creativity is highly valued by every organisation. But what makes a team creative, and what steps can you follow to encourage this? 

Importance of team creativity

There are many reasons why team creativity is essential. For one, it can help to solve problems more effectively. When multiple people work together on a problem, they can bring different perspectives and skills to the table, leading to more innovative solutions. Additionally, team creativity can also help to generate new ideas. Brainstorming with a group can spark new thoughts and concepts that individuals may not have thought of on their own. 

Team creativity can also promote collaboration and communication. Working on creative projects with others can help people to understand each other better and build strong relationships. Ultimately, team creativity is important because it can lead to better problem-solving, new ideas and stronger relationships.

Tips to tap into your teams’ creativity

When it comes to creativity, there’s strength in numbers. Brainstorming with a group can help you generate ideas that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. And because each person has a different perspective, team members can build on each other’s ideas to create something unique. 

But harnessing the power of teamwork doesn’t just mean gathering a group of people together and hoping for the best. To be truly effective, team creativity requires careful planning and execution.


One way to encourage team creativity is to de-risk the environment. This means creating a setting where team members feel comfortable taking risks without fear of negative consequences. This can be accomplished by establishing clear ground rules for brainstorming sessions and encouraging team members to share their ideas openly.


Another way to improve team creativity is to encourage mobbing behaviour. Mobbing is collaborative problem-solving where team members work together to develop creative solutions. This can be done by establishing specific times for brainstorming sessions and providing incentives for team members to participate.


Pairing is another effective strategy for improving team creativity. This involves putting team members with complementary skills together to bounce ideas off each other. For example, pairing a designer with a programmer can help the team generate new ideas and find creative solutions to problems.

Prototyping is a great way to bring team creativity to life. This involves creating simple prototypes of ideas and solutions to be tested and refined. This helps teams identify potential problems and make necessary changes before implementing their solutions.


Brainstorming is a classic technique for generating new ideas and solutions. It involves getting a group of people together in a room and having them share their ideas freely without judgement. This process can be enhanced by using mind mapping and brainstorming games.

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