Jochen Siepmann

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

Many people who want to buy property believe that “it’s too expensive”and that “I can’t afford it” – but if only they would check many of them would have found out that actually they can! If only they knew how to… Why don’t they ask?

About Jochen Siepmann

I am an entrepreneur, property trainer and mentor and published author. A short selection of my many numerous big achievements include for example successful implementation of a new Core Banking System and various satellite IT systems across regions in Asia Pacific (Deutsche Bank); building up a successful team of project managers with on-time, on-budget delivery (Credit Suisse PB); Change Management to streamline a more efficient organization; implementing a score card system to manage the business better (Credit Suisse IB); imparting new skills and knowledge to hundreds of students (Success Coach Asia); closing many deals (ERA) and so many more. As a VP in a MNC I am (amongst others) used to successfully leading teams, thinking strategically and globally, delivering large projects, implementing change, working with people and financials and strong in sales as well. I am using this experience and expertise in the most effective way for the company and clients. In my desire and commitment to consistently under-promise and over-deliver I am not only exceeding expectations and delivering excellent performance, but above and beyond that additionally contribute to increasing profitability and efficiency. I am a highly accomplished and internationally acclaimed, results-oriented problem solver, who gets things done, am an excellent communicator and have a great, positive attitude. I possess great expertise and experience in various areas and hold numerous qualifications, certifications, licences, accomplishments and endorsements - please take a minute to read them below. I run regular events and training programs and speak to private groups from 20 and public events up to 5,000 people, sharing the stage with celebrities like Tony Robbins, Nick Vijicic, Joel Bauer, Andy Harrington and many more.

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