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What book do you most recommend to entrepreneurs? by Katrina Julia

I am well aware this may not be the most popular opinion. I am willing to go out on a limb for more reasons than one. Isn’t that entrepreneurship after all?

I am an avid believer, reader, and creator co-creating a life and business I love. It isn’t always easy is an understatement.

When I saw this question come up – I would 100% say that the Bible is the book I would recommend the most to entrepreneurs. It is the greatest success book ever written. No matter whether someone believes or not, every aligned book has its roots in the Bible.

Yes, we turn to other voices + authors that we feel get it or get us regardless of our faith backgrounds.

Some of my favorite parables include the Parable of the Talents – Matthew 25 + Luke 19, and Parable of the Sower – Matthew 13 1-23. My favorite verses include Deut 8:18, 1 John 4:18, Prov 10:22, Prov 3:5, Gal 5:1, Gal 5:22.

About Katrina Julia

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, athlete, and traveler with experience in 7+ industries, with a MBA, CPA and NASM Fitness Certifications. I have transformed every area of life + love helping people create + scale a life + business they love. Brands served include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Victoria's Secret. Results include 3000% ROI, 300 million in reach, and 6-8 figures for others regularly. I am currently traveling the world + speak four languages including Spanish, and cover wellness, faith, business and travel. I LOVE creating a life + business + love + helping others #CREATEIT too!

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