What do workers want?

What do workers want?

People have been speculating about the future of work for many years. Now that that future seems to have arrived, employees have more say about it than ever. 

The future of work for workers

The pandemic and its many restrictions have exposed employees to a range of flexible work setups. While productivity varies between workers, recent studies show that it generally increased up to 77% among those who were able to work from home. 

Furthermore, the years 2020 and 2021 witnessed a Great Resignation when people left their jobs en masse, either by outright resignation or by quietly quitting and eventually exiting. The resulting talent shortage caused the tables to turn between employers and employees, and many companies, including Amazon, worked towards creating well-compensated and healthy workplaces that attract new talent and retain existing ones. 

What does the modern worker expect from work?

It turns out that employees want more than fair pay and great benefits. Employers have to offer more if they want to retain their workers, and this may include the following:

  • Flexible work hours

In the post-pandemic world of work, the days of nine-to-five work setups appear numbered. Flexible work hours let employees work when they are at their best and give them more control over the way they work. 

  • Four-day work week

Lockdown gave workers more appreciation for a healthy work-life balance. The ability to work closer to their families or be able to dedicate more time to their hobbies makes the concept of an extra rest day very attractive. A four-day work week is being tested by more and more companies, and employees are more than willing to work longer hours for fewer days. 

  • Shorter Fridays

Similarly, workers would be happy to leave early on Fridays and be able to rest early or do some essential pre-weekend errands. If a four-day work week is not possible with your company, the next best thing is to let your workers leave early as the weekdays end. 

  • Flexible work setup

While work-from-home is prevalent, not everyone – especially younger workers who missed what workplaces looked like before the pandemic – appear to like the idea. As such, offering employees the option to work where they want or providing them with a hybrid work setup should help with hiring and retention. 

The keyword here is flexibility. Workers now prefer to be in control of the way they work, and they will be happy enough to work with companies that let them work as they please.

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